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Site Questions

Why should I register for the site?

Registering for vizualrecords.com has several benefits: 1) Exclusive members-only downloads and special offers; 2) Registered users can check their purchase history and re-download tracks from previous purchases; 3) Members can choose their preferred download file format (AIFF or MP3). Once registered, you will be sent an opt-in email for the Vizual Email List so you can be informed about Vizual releases, events, news and special offers (optional). You can register here.

I was not able to register and redirected to another site. What can I do?

Due to thousands of spambot registrations from certain domains like outlook.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com, .ru, .pl, etc., we have blocked those and other TLDs from registering. If you have another address that you can use, please try that. If you don’t have another email that you can use, send us a message on the Contact page and let us know that you are not a spambot and we may be able to temporarily unblock those TLDs so you can register. You can register here.

How can I update my profile information and download preferences?

We have a new user profile page where you can update your contact information, avatar and download file preferences. You can register here.

Why are the Releated Releases not updating?

The Related Releases uses a cookie to store the release pages you have viewed and sometimes it gets stuck. Clear your browser’s cache and delete the cookie for the site and it should work properly. If it is still not updating try deleting the cookie again — especially in Chrome. Note: you will have to log in again after deleting your cookie.

I’m using Internet Explorer and the site is broken. What can I do?

While every attempt has been made to make the site cross-browser compatible, there are certain features that probably either simply don’t work or look like crap in IE 6-7. The short answer is to get a real browser that follows the html spec like Firefox or Chrome. Hopefully if enough web developers stop supporting legacy versions of Internet Explorer this will be a non-issue in the future. We need to move on. Really.

What are the different greetings all about?

These are generated randomly and all mean hello in many languages. They were grabbed from this site. If you have a greeting you would like to add or have a correction, send us a note on the Contact page.

Who designed the Vizual site?

The site was designed by Joshua Iz who aside from running the label, djing, and producing music, is also a web developer and has designed sites for United Way of Metro Chicago, Chicago Commons, High Bias Mastering, Latinos Progresando and many more. View work from his design company studio.bio here: https://studio.bio/.

Vizual Store Questions

What format(s) are the music downloads? (AIFF & 320 kbps MP3)

We now have two formats for digital music downloads: AIFF and 320kbps mp3. All 320 kbps mp3 files are encoded with the LAME open source mp3 encoder to ensure the highest quality. We now offer individual AIFF downloads! We prefer AIFF over WAV as even though the audio data is identical, AIFF files can retain artwork and ID3 tags. All AIFF files have "A" in the product title – otherwise they are 320 kbps mp3s. All products with numbers ending in "00" are full ep or album zip archives, with all the tracks from that project plus artwork and additional files (digital booklets, etc.). Note that as of November 2017, all new releases will be available in AIFF format only. See more about this decision here.

Do you offer FLAC files for download?

Unfortunately no. FLAC is a great lossless format however the support of FLAC by the software and equipment professional djs use is pretty much non-existent. If you want the highest quality tracks, select “AIFF” as your preferred audio format. You can then convert your AIFF files to FLAC on your computer without any loss of audio quality.

Why should I buy Vizual music at the Vizual Store instead of Beatport/iTunes/Amazon/Juno/etc?

We only offer our own music here so think of it as the exclusive Vizual Boutique! While we now do exclusives at Beatport before releases are available elsewhere, every dollar you spend here goes directly to the artists since there is no fees going to an additional distributor or outlet. We also offer exclusive mixes and extra files with some downloads that aren’t available anywhere else.

I made a purchase, but I got an error the transaction never went through. What should I do?

Send a note on the Contact page and we will get it sorted. Please include the order number found in your purchase receipt email if possible so we can quickly find your transaction.

My purchase went through but I never received an email with the download link. What should I do?

Now that we are handling all payments on the site, this should no longer be an issue — as soon as you complete payment you are taken to a page with your receipt and download links. In addition, a receipt with links will be emailed to you. If you still haven't received the email after 15 minutes, send us a note on the Contact page and we will get it sorted.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. As of now all transactions on vizualrecords.com are 100% secure using https over SSL with credit card processing done by Stripe – we can't see your credit card numbers or bank details at all so you can rest assured your information is safe.

Other Questions

Why are the releases sometimes out of sequence?

Once a release is scheduled, we assign it a catalog number and sometimes it takes a while to get all the tracks and remixes from the artists. Thus, a higher catalog number may be released before a lower one. Thems the breaks.

How can I get on the Vizual Promo list?

The Vizual Promo list is by invitation only. If you are a touring dj, press or radio, you may send a request via the Contact page. Please indicate your affiliations and/or the magazine or station you work for. Additions to the promo list are at the sole discretion of Vizual Records.

Where can I send Vizual some tracks to consider for release?

We are always looking for hot music. If you think you have something that's worthy, send us a message with a link on the Contact page and tell us a little bit about yourself and the tracks. Make it interesting.

Question not answered here?

Contact us and we will look into it.