No More MP3


Starting with the Iz & Diz – Fort Nightly LP release in November 2017, we will no longer be selling MP3 files for future releases on the Vizual site. All releases and individual tracks will be offered in 16bit/44.1kHz AIFF format only from this point forward.

Why? We want to put our music out there in the best possible format and AIFF offers the best sonic quality for djs and fans alike versus compressed and crappy MP3s. We chose AIFF over WAV because even though the audio data in each format is identical, AIFF files retain the ID3 tags and images with the file. AIFF files can be played by almost every media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) as well as on mobile devices, rekordbox, CDJs and many other devices and platforms.

Why not FLAC? While FLAC is a great lossless format, it just doesn’t have the cross-platform adoption that AIFF does. If this changes, we may offer FLAC downloads in the future.

Almost all audio creators are familiar with the AIFF format so this shouldn’t be too groundbreaking of a decision. With storage and bandwidth becoming ever cheaper, we want to spearhead the adoption of higher quality audio formats and leave compressed audio in the dust forever. We urge you — as djs and fans — to join us by purchasing and playing the music in its original, high-quality format.

You can always convert the files to MP3 yourself using iTunes or your favorite audio conversion software. We recommend Pro Audio Converter for Mac.

Note that Vizual Records music will still be available as MP3s for sale on all of the other digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Beatport, Traxsource, as well as streaming on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, SoundCloud Go and more. See all available outlets.

All that said, buying from the Vizual Records store (here) directly supports the artists you love and helps us continue to put out great music and support up-and-coming producers.

Thanks for your support of Vizual Records!