VIZ023 Joshua Iz feat. Diz Love Is Stronger (Remixes)

VIZ023 Cover Art

Joshua Iz feat. DizLove Is Stronger was released as a limited single earlier this year but now sees a full release with remixes by Aiby & The Noise and Justin Harris from The Freaks.

After their fantastic debut “Everything Is Changing” (VIZ022) Aiby & The Noise return to Vizual with this excellent Love Is Stronger remix and dub featuring syncopated moody synths building the track over some pure electronic drums. Falling somewhere between Detroit and Chicago via Barcelona and it’s just how we like it.

Justin Harris’s Late Night Vocal lays Diz’s vocal over bouncing keys and bubbly bass. Lovely piano, strings and nice echoed vocal effects put this mix right in the pocket.

Also included are the Joshua Iz original and and Instrumental (previously unreleased).

VIZ023 | Produced by: Joshua Iz | Remixes: Aiby & The Noise / Justin Harris | Released: 2014-11-25

Price: $3.49
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