VIZ019 Joshua Iz Versions EP

VIZ019 Cover Art

We are excited to present four new tracks from the forthcoming album Joshua Iz ‘Versions’ out on Vizual Records in summer 2014. Continuing where the Vizual Rydims EPs left off, The Versions EP includes stripped-down, dubby tracks that feature Joshua’s signature swing.

Bleep Version starts things off with bleepy bleeps over a dubby beat with lush piano stabs and a sick breakdown. Love Version is a deep dubby electronic jam with hypnotic keys, driving drums and a haunting vocal sample. Feel Version is a deep tech workout with an overload of Chicago-Detroit flavor. Finally, Arp Version features more bleepy melodies over syncopated arpeggios with a future meets old school feeling. This track is only available here on

  • Loving all 4 mixes! Pure quality as always.
    — Alex from Tokyo
  • Solid, mesmerising IZms…Love it!
    — Chris Duckenfield
  • Nice set of tracks…Feel Version is my choice for the deep-space pad and timeless vibe.
    — Dave Aju
  • IZ is killing it right Now Vizual. Loving this release! Seriously in my TOP fav’s ever to drop on this Chicago label.
    — Nikola Baytala
  • Super duper!
    — Tom Middleton

VIZ019 | Joshua Iz – Versions EP | Released: 2014-06-18

Price: $3.49