VIZLP3 Joshua Iz Versions LP


Vizual Records is excited to present the first full-length album from Joshua Iz in 7 years: ‘Versions’. Along with breakout tracks from previously released eps like ‘Love Is Stronger’ featuring Diz and ‘Like Gold’ featuring Marissa Guzman, ‘Versions’ collects 13 all-new dubby, discofied jams to round out its 18-track, 2h34m full running time.

‘Versions’ is meant for digital release with no time constraints inherent in physical media and thus the tracks are included in their original, full-length glory without any edits. There’s a little something for every mood here so take your time to listen, mix and enjoy.

Joshua Iz Versions LP

VIZLP3 | Released: 2018-02-13

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