VIZ012 Various Artists Sight Unseen


Over the past couple years we’ve amassed some bits and pieces that never found a proper home. Until now.

From the amazing Alpha & Omega remix by Jay Tripwire (previously only available on extremely limited vinyl), to Luke Solomon’s lost remixes of ‘It Iz What It Iz’, to the incredible re-work of ‘Enter In’ by K-nto of Romania, this collection adds some fresh new colors to the Vizual palette and we are glad to feature them here.

Also includes new originals from Iz & Diz, C++ and Joshua Iz and a different take on ‘It Iz What It Iz’ by Andrew Emil.

Support from Giom, Brett Johnson, Ralphi Rosario, Brother’s Vibe, Raoul Belmans, Satoshi Fumi, Diz, Timo Garcia and many more…

VIZ012 | Various Artists: Sight Unseen | Released: 2012-01-31

Price: $9.99

Download the Sight Unseen Promo Mix by Joshua Iz (free). Includes many of the tracks on “Sight Unseen” plus forthcoming Vizual music.